About Us

About us

Our Beginnings

Started off as an apprentice 60 years ago to setting up our first shop in 1977 with my wife, and continuing the family tailoring business with its second generation.

Many are curious on the name behind Meiko Tailor. Japanese sounding as it sounds, Meiko Tailor is a true blue Singapore tailor brand. Meiko bears the name of my wife. “Mei” (美) is in her name. 美 denotes beauty. “Ko” (可) is the value we give to our customers as a trustworthy (可靠) and reliable (可信赖) tailor whom they can come to get their shirts or suits made.

This was how Meiko Tailor found its name. We started our first shop at Geylang Lorong 3 in the late 1970s, and have been an anchor tenant at the Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel since 1986.
Our Beginning & 60 Years of Bespoke Tailoring

Tailor is an artisan job. A tailor is qualified as a bespoke tailor when he specializes in drafting, cutting, fitting in all of the suit making or trousers making processes.

For example, a bespoke suit is when the apparel is custom-made from the ground up, to an individual exact measurement, sewn together according to our standard of craftsmanship. Every piece we make is a bespoke piece.

Our philosophy is simple: to tailor-made menswear that looks great, fit well, comfort and bodes well on the individual wearer to individual style. It holds significant meaning for us that our customer enjoys our personalised service and our authentic bespoke cuts.


More than 40 years in business, we remain as one of Singapore’s finest tailor establishments that preserves the spirit of bespoke tailoring - one piece at a time.

Our success is built on the fundamentals of classic traditional tailoring. Over the years, we created our house-style of cutting and drafting in suits and shirt-making while keeping up with the latest trends to meet our customer’s needs and lifestyle.

Every piece of suit and shirt from us is the culmination hours of handwork and traditional craftsmanship. It is not the fitting of cloth to the body but also the attention to details of cut, stitch, style, and comfort which are essential in creating a well-cut outfit that flatters the body.