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    There is a shirt for every occasion, whether it is a classic point collar dress shirt or a casual weekend untuck shirt for the weekend, they are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Many details go into the construction of a men’s shirt hence, having a well-tailored shirt that fits you comfortably, especially around the neck and the arms, is important.

    Many of our customers are delighted with the contemporary tailored fit as each shirt is uniquely tailored just for you. Whether you prefer a slim or regular fit tailor-made a shirt with classic Windsor collar or a semi-spread collar to goes with either a single or double cuffs, your shirt is custom-made to your suit your body shape and measurements.

    Customization options are available as you desire. You may have your shirt monogrammed on the edge of the breast pocket or on the cuff. Monogram adds a touch of personality and subtly communicates the care a man has taken in his clothes.  You can also further customize your shirt with contrast button colours or have an accent on the inside of your collar. The white contrast collar, in any style, with or without matching white French cuffs, is a statement for the power dressers. 

    We have a complete collection of finest 100% Cotton and Linens shirting fabrics from England, Italy, Switzerland including brands like Alumo, Tessitura Monti, Thomas Mason, and Soktas. Royal Oxford white piqué cotton is always a good choice as a formal shirt, like the tuxedo shirt Pinpoint cotton or Twill is excellent for day to day executive wear too while stripe Poplin cotton or fine Irish linen from Huberross or Solbiati, make an easy wear for the weekend. Other than imported fabrics, we also carry our own house brand of 100% Giza Cotton shirting fabrics.


  • Finesse

    We are known for our craftsmanship in suit making, keeping to the tradition construction of full-canvass suit. 


    Our bespoke suit exemplifies true sartorial elegance. Made from scratch, from cloth to body, our bespoke suits are hand-cut, hand-stitched and sewn

    one piece at a time. 


    From the style, cut, to your choice of fabric, every little detail, from the functional buttons to the edging stitches on the lapel, can be customised to accentuate your individuality.


    If a formal wear is not your cup of tea, there is always room for a classic sports jacket or a blazer to smarten your 

    casual get up.

  • Fit

    The British say it as Trousers, the Americans call it pants. Either way, trousers or pants is an important piece of apparel that completes your garb even though they aren’t the piece that often stands out. 

    A well-tailored pair of trousers can elevate the sophistication of a man's wardrobe ensemble. A tailored pair of dress pants should be well fitted and rest comfortably on the hips and should not slide off the body on its own when without a belt or suspenders.

    Bespoke suits is our signature. Trousers are our specialty. Many of our customers have enjoyed wearing our trousers after their first pair as we are known for our well-fitting cut - deep pleats, long rise; full-cut thighs that taper down to the ankles for room and fall. All our trousers are double-stitched, half-lined to the knees in the front to ensure high durability and comfort - again one pair of trousers sewn by one trained sewers and not mass-produced. 

    Most of the formal men’s trousers are made in woven wool or wool blends. Charcoal grey and navy blue flannel trousers are a long-standing classic  - both colours go well with almost everything and the fabric is comfortable and durable, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Of course, we offer a wide selection of premium fabrics from European weavers that will complement your body shape and the elegant fall of the fabric on your body from the waist down. Check out our blog too on how to "Get Smarty with Pants” - https://www.meikotailor.com/post/smarty-pants

    If you are looking for something other than pants, there is always the option for you to tailor your bespoke pair of chinos, jeans or bermudas too. 

Meiko Tailor is Singapore’s homegrown bespoke tailor with over 50 years of experience in bespoke tailoring. Over the years, we have developed our house-style in suits-crafting, pants and shirt-making, in particular, our bespoke suit. Every piece of tailored suit is the culmination of hours of handwork from start to finish by our team of experienced craftsmen trained by Master Tailor Chung. 


We ensure that every piece of your customised wear is tailored to your fit and comfort. It is not only the fitting of cloth to the body but the attention to details from the cut to the fitting; from design style selection to the choice of fabrics and buttons, we are with you throughout the whole process, ensuring you get the best of tailoring experience. 


Our resident personal styling advisor, trained and certified by Academy of ImageWorks (AIM) is always happy to help you with simple styling advice and colour profile that flatters your body so you look your absolute best in your power suit or daily wear. 


We also provide overseas mail orders and personalise house visits within the CBD area for busy executives and/or business travellers upon appointment.

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