Can a shirt be tailored? What about pants?

Can A Shirt Be Tailored? What About Pants?
Can A Shirt Be Tailored? What About Pants?
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We’ve all been there — we collect a heap of clothing items that we love, with designs and colours we love. Somehow, they don’t seem to flatter us when we have them on. They fall a little too loose in certain places and too tight in some others. Eventually, you end up not wearing them at all. Or perhaps you have different sized top and bottom — an S on top but an L at the bottom. If this is the case, it will be difficult to buy a ready-made dress that fits. Or sometimes, a pair of pants that fit just fine around the waist will feel a little tight around the hips. The list of challenges goes on.

Can A Shirt Be Tailored? What About Pants?

If you face challenges in getting ready-made clothes that are well-fitting and flattering in store, then it’s time to go to the tailor’s.


Not just for suits


Usually, the reason why people refuse to get their clothes tailored is the added cost and waiting time that it involves. But believe it or not, tailoring can actually help you save more money, making it a worthy investment.


Contrary to popular assumption, tailoring is not just meant for suits and wedding dresses. In fact, you can get your favourite basic shirts, pants and skirts also tailored to ensure that they drape around your body well, like a glove. Since all bodies are unique, it’s good to get yourself measured and get your favourite clothing items tailored accordingly. This will ensure better mileage for your clothes in the long run, as you are more likely to wear better fitting, comfortable and flattering clothes more compared to ill-fitting ones, no matter how cheap they may be.


Furthermore, if you were to purchase a piece of clothing that would eventually require some altering, the total cost would inevitably be more. Therefore, it would’ve been better to have gone straight to the tailor’s in the first place.


Tailoring to the rescue!


Besides getting your shirts and pants made from scratch, another trick to utilise your tailor’s expertise is by getting ready-made clothes altered to fit you better and suit your taste.


For cheap alternatives, you can scour your local thrift stores for high-quality secondhand items that you can get altered. If you found a great bargain during a sale that doesn’t quite fit, you can also take it back to your tailor’s to get it fixed. The thrift store is also a great place to find designer jeans that you, otherwise, wouldn’t splurge on. If they’re too big or too long, just get them altered and hemmed!


Basically, items that you wear more often, like dress shirts, pants, professional wear, wedding dresses and suits are always worth going to the tailor’s for. The rule of thumb is that if something is important to you and is worn for an important occasion, tailoring is the way to go. Also, if you favour classic items that are not currently in trend, therefore, are unavailable in stores, you can always go to your tailor’s with specific directions of what you want. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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