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A private showcase of Loro Piana’s Zenit collection and craft in suit making

Fans of #LoroPiana fabric were in for a treat when Mr Antony Tse, SVP Asia for Loro Piana (Greater China), representing one of the top fabric mills in the world was in Singapore late November to present the exclusive #Zenit collection, a private event hosted by Meiko Tailor for their esteemed local and overseas customers.

Vicuna, fibre of God
bro Piana’s Zenit Collection - one of the rare vicuna fibres blended with cashmere and silk. It is also known as the “Fibre of God”

The evening was a showcase of Loro Piana’s premium grade fabric, of which Meiko Tailor is one of the rare few tailors in Singapore appointed to carry the pristine collection which includes pure cashmere, merino wool, tasmanian wool, silk and vicuna blends. The top-grade vicuna fibre is harvested just from the area on the animal’s small forehead between its ears.

A sustainable fibre, it is extremely fine and soft and found primarily in Peru. Its rarity stems from the fact that the petite doe-eyed animal can only be shorn every 3 years. Considered to be a cloth of gold and the fibre of the gods, historically only Inca royalty were allowed to wear it. Because of their arduous promotion of the fabric in the 80s and 90s, vicuna is now synonymous with Loro Piana. In 2013, the Wall Street Journal reported that Kiton, a famous Italian tailor and vicuna specialist, makes only 100 pieces of vicuna garments a year with sports coats at US$21,000 and a bespoke suit from US$40,000. A sartorial suit in vicuna/cashmere/silk blend from Loro Piana at Meiko Tailor, though expensive, will cost considerably less.

bespoke sports jacket, meiko tailor
Mr Patrick Wagoner in a bespoke sports jacket made by Meiko Tailor in Loro Piana Spring/Summer 2018 wool silk linen.

Meiko Tailor is a respectable name amongst bespoke tailors in Singapore. In business since 1977, Meiko is helmed by Master Tailor Chung Chi Kwong. Their flagship shop has been at Pan Pacific Hotel since the hotel opened in 1986.

At 69 years of age, going on 70,

Mr Chung, the Master Tailor himself still cuts the fabric himself for every suit and trousers his customers made. The whole process is continued with exacting standards. His years of experience is

most apparent in the display of the fine craftsmanship. All of Meiko Tailor's suits are full-canvassed, and this has been their signature style.

Master Tailor Chung
Mr Chung gave a live demonstration on a suit's measurement drafted on cloth and the precision required in cut.

Master Tailor Chung believes in giving value to his customers, personally attending to every detail and needs to everyone who walks in or return to Meiko Tailor; despite being in the tailoring business for more than 40 years, striving for mastery in #suitmaking is Mr Chung’s constant pursuit and passion, which probably explains why he is a hidden gem, and some say the best-kept secret for #bespoke #tailor in Singapore. 

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