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Are bespoke tailor suits worth the investment?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021


In the age when fast fashion thrives and decent ready-made suits can be purchased from boutiques and department stores according to size, bespoke tailoring has become somewhat of a rarity. Not only are bespoke suits more expensive, the tailoring and re-tailoring process also takes time. Considering that there are cheaper alternatives abound out there, why do people still choose (or why should they choose) bespoke suits? Are bespoke suits worth the money? If you are considering getting your first bespoke suit made, here are six reasons why you should go ahead:

Bespoke tailoring is steeped in tradition

Among the appeal of bespoke tailoring is that many people appreciate the fact that bespoke suits have been traditionally made for decades! With tradition and age-old experience comes credibility and esteemed quality that is trusted for generations.

1. Bespoke tailoring is an artistic craft

It takes a great deal of effort in creating a bespoke suit -- particularly in the re-cutting, re-sewing and re-pressing of the clothes for them to drape well around the wearer. Bespoke suits are especially worth getting for special events, such as weddings as they make for great photography and is in itself an artistic creation to be worn on the body.

2. Bespoke tailored suits last longer

Thanks to the meticulousness involved in the making of bespoke suits, they can be more easily repaired and adjusted when necessary, giving them significantly more mileage compared to ready made suits you can get in department stores.

3. Bespoke tailored suits are friendlier toward the environment

In an age where sustainability and vintage values are becoming increasingly important, bespoke suits stand head and shoulders above normal ready to wear suits as they are usually made locally, significantly reducing their carbon footprint. Bespoke suits are also usually made using natural materials to encourage reuse and repair, as opposed to what is practiced in the fast fashion industry. Having said this, their superior quality makes bespoke suits full of character, shining through even after years of wear.

4. Bespoke tailored suits have better fit and look better on you

For a more comfortable fit and flattering drape around your body, it’s best to invest in a high quality bespoke suit that is custom tailored to wear on you like a glove!

5. Bespoke tailoring offers better choices

When you choose bespoke, you can rest assured that you will get better choices and will get your suit made exactly how you want it. By going bespoke, you will be able to choose your own fabric, colours, cut, details and get personalised design just for you.

Besides all the factors listed above, there are also other benefits in going to bespoke tailor, one of them being building a relationship with your bespoke tailor. When you go to a bespoke tailor to get your suit made, your tailor will keep a record of your measurements, likes and dislikes. That way, in the future, it will be less of a hassle for you to make a new suit that looks just as good!

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