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Tailor a picture of class, elegance, and quality

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

They say that the clothes maketh the man (and woman); for that reason alone, it is important to invest in high-quality tailored apparel that offers the best of comfort and style, not to mention more value for your money.

Meet Master Chung, a bespoke tailor with over six decades of clothes-making experience and one of the most renowned tailors in Singapore. Having started his tailoring apprenticeship 60 years ago and subsequently opened his first shop in the late 1970s, Master Chung has perfected his craft to create Meiko Tailor -- a true-blue Singaporean brand that represents class, elegance and timeless quality.

The name ‘Meiko’ may sound Japanese, however, the name is actually inspired by the combination of Master Chung’s wife, Mei, which means ‘beautiful’ in Mandarin; and the Mandarin word ‘Ko’, that represents the value offered to their clients as a trustworthy and reliable bespoke tailor. With the opening of Meiko Tailor’s first shop at Geylang Lorong 3, the brand has since grown to become an anchor tenant at the Pan Pac Singapore Hotel since 1986.

Getting to know Meiko Tailor’s bespoke offerings

Bespoke apparel refers to an article of clothing that is made from scratch and is custom made to embrace the wearer’s exact measurements and later sewn together according to a high standard of craftsmanship. Each Meiko Tailor creation is a bespoke masterpiece, beautifully combining traditional tailoring hand work on luxurious breathable fabrics to create the ultimate luxurious sartorial menswear.

The success of Meiko Tailor’s brand has been built on the basic principles of classic traditional tailoring, which has been perfected for over five decades and boasting its very own distinct house style in cutting and drafting, giving each of its masterpieces a classic yet trendy contemporary touch. The brand specializes in the creation of well-tailored suits, shirts, and trousers, which are everyday staples whether they are for work or play. It also pays special attention to details in the hours dedicated to the construction of its garments, that is timeless and furtively functional.

Meiko Tailor’s Su Misura service allows you to customise design and fit that are inherently unique and catered to your distinct taste. You can personalize everything down to the last detail, from lapels and collars to buttons and pockets. Be spoilt for choice on the extensive and exquisite selection of premium fabrics from Carnet, Zegna, Loro Piana, Harrison an Scabal. Whatever preference you have for fabrics, whether its hues, textures or weight, this Singapore heritage tailor brand has got you covered.

A brand that goes beyond tailoring

As a bespoke tailor label, bespoke services is a quintessential part of the full bespoke experience. Meiko Tailor understands the importance of dressing right and dressing well. This is where their in-house bespoke image advisor, Adele Chung, also the daughter of Master Tailor Chung, trained and certified by the Academy of ImageWorks, helps customer with styling advice that is tailored to their lifestyle and individual personality.

In addition to walk-in services, Meiko Tailor also offers door-to-door visiting tailoring service where they go the extra mile to meet you wherever you are with your pre-selected fabrics, get you measured and suited up in no time! Getting suited is now easier than ever and there is no excuse not to look good anymore.

Once you are a client of Meiko Tailor’s your measurement details and preferences will be stored in their system for safekeeping and future reference. Should you need to have new suits, shirts or trousers made in the future, you can always mail order them. You can also choose either to pick them up at a Meiko Tailor branch shop or to have your spiffy new number shipped directly to you.

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