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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

While tailored shirts and jackets make a statement for the man about town, the quintessential trousers should not be relegated as "by the way". A well-tailored pair of trousers can elevate the sophistication of a man's wardrobe ensemble. If you're a sneaker junkie, even smart-looking tailored pants can pair up beautifully with the latest kicks. However, getting the right pair of trousers is key to make your other trending sartorial pieces shine, too. Here, we showcase tried-and-tested, timeless trouser types that are befitting for modern times.

Single pleats. Inward facing front pleat trousers

Pleats, Please

Let's face it: The multi-pleated pair of pants is obviously antiquated. Its aesthetics are frowned upon by guys who are in the know. It's a style you'd associate with your grandfather. With current trends favoring flat-front cuts, men avoid the gather of folds below the waist as it adds weight to the line. Well, pleats done right can be a boon to your sartorial style. Such tailoring detail must be approached with minimal effect. Go for forward facing pleats, in which the fold is inward, toward the fly of your pants, or reverse - pointing in the direction of the pockets. A single pleat connotes sophistication; allowing trousers to be breezy and comfortable. It's also important to avoid excessive fabric at the ends of the trousers or you'll end up looking like a clown. You can opt for a tapered cut to channel a polished look.

High-Waisted Trousers

Now, we don't mean to offend the older folks but if the waistband of your trousers came up to your nipples, we would avoid it like the plague. Fast-forward 2019, the high-waisted trousers is on trend. A well-styled, well-tailored pair can be your answer to style nirvana but get them wrong and you'll look like a kid who's having a field day playing dress up in your father's wardrobe. Key to achieving this look is to home in on the correct length and cut. If you're opting for a wide-leg style, then a cropped fit ensures your feet are not shuffling with extra fabric. However, if you don't fancy showing off your ankles, then a tapered cut will allow the leg openings of the trousers to sit comfortably on your prized footwear. What you want to achieve is a relaxed look so for your top, opt for a loose t-shirt or a stylish polo tucked into your waist. You can pair this beautifully with a casual blazer or jacket. For the footwear department, try pairing with a pair of canvas high-top sneakers or a suede desert boot.

Wondrous Wool

There was a time when wool was the de facto bottom to don. It was the age when jeans did not rule a man's wardrobe. Fast forward 2019, wool trousers are making a comeback. A pair of well-tailored wool trousers can elevate your hip quotient exponentially. It can also take you from casual to formal occasions in a blink of an eye. All thanks to the hipster clique, a pair of well-cut wool trousers is a must-have item. When pairing with footwear, you can opt for a pair of slick brogues, double monks or complete the look with a pair of Derbies. For tops, you can choose rolled-up, long-sleeve shirts or long-sleeve t-shirt. You can even dress it up with turtle neck sweater, draped with a jack, or an untucked long-sleeved shirt. This perfect get-up does not show any signs of waning as long as you stay creative with your wardrobe.

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