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Tailor made suits: why men should wear them more often

Singaporean men are increasingly more discerning in taste and pay more attention in their personal dressing - whether one is dressing for work or for leisure. Other than shopping online or off the shelf for ready to wear outfit, men are now opting for custom-made, tailored apparel. Having a bespoke suit made is a new luxury in menswear fashion and every men can genuinely ‘pull off’ a gentlemanly suited look in a well-tailored suit cut in a premium wool.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Premium fabrics

Anyone who wears suits on a daily basis, whether for work or for occasion wear, would appreciate how quickly a low-quality fused suit can begin to show its age as ragged stitching, and discoloration fade over time.

A high-quality wool suit will not fade or lose its lustre due to it’s natural fibre properties.

"Dressing well is a sort of good manners," fashion designer Tom Ford once remarked. So, put your best foot forward with a tailor-made suit. You'll be able to choose from a large range of high-quality fabrics that won't fade, drape beautifully, and have a ‘lustre’ or ‘sheen’ to them. When you combine a talented tailor who understands your individuality with machines on an assembly line, you'll receive a significantly better level of attention to detail.

2. Impeccable fit

While many people believe that an off-the-rack suit will fit them perfectly, there is no replacement for a tailor's exact body measurement. You deserve a suit that fits like a glove, and the only way to achieve that is to have it professionally fitted.

A tailored suit coat is made to your specific proportions and reinforced with a canvas lining, so it won't hang baggily from your shoulders and will instead enhance your best features while masking the ones you don't want to draw attention to. The pants will be hemmed to hit your shoe at the perfect length, allowing you to stride with strength and confidence. Like a beautiful luxury car, your appearance will be streamlined and elegant.

3. Individual Form

You have the freedom in the choice of colours, fabrics, lining and the detailing for your suit, with the style or look will be as on-trend as you like.

A custom-made suit can be as opulent and fashionable as you choose, while also displaying your personality. Do you like pinstripes or plaid? What about a brightly coloured suit lining with a patterned pattern?

You have the luxury of expressing your individuality style. The options are limitless. .

4. More value for your money

True, you can acquire an off-the-rack suit for a bargain-basement price, but you get what you pay for. And, more often than not, low-cost is high-cost. Your bargain-basement suit ends up costing you considerably more than it's worth due to frequent trips to the dry cleaners, the repair of rips and tears, and the eventual need to replace it.

When you consider the quality, attention to detail, and superiority of a tailored suit, it's a wise investment.

Start your Bespoke tailoring journey

You might be surprised to learn that visiting with a tailor isn't as time-consuming as you may think.

Basically, an appointment for the first consultation with your tailor to get all the measurements points, go thru the wide collection of premium fabrics. Usually this first appointment takes about an hour.

The tailor will arrange for a first basted fitting in 7 to 10 days. You need to set aside about 45mins. A second fitting is required, if further adjustments is needed. This is also when you can choose your jacket lining, buttons and the necessary detailing.

Once the basted fitting is done, the tailor and his team of seamstress will begin unpicking, redrafting before sewing begins. All in all it will take about 28 days to 35 days for full completion as delicate hand stitching is required on the suit jacket.

Compare that to the time you'll spend at numerous retail stores trying on ill-fitting outfits.

In the long run, a professional tailored well-crafted suit in a 3-season wool or wool blend fabric can last you a good number of years. saving you more money, more time and a lot of heartache and headache from ill-fitted off-the-racks options.

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