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Types of Trousers for Semi Workwear

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Types of trousers for semi workwear

In the olden days, men would just normally be wearing loose-fitting slacks to work. It didn’t matter if the cut is flattering -- anything that is meant for work are meant to be fuss-free with no frills. Today, there are more and more fashionable trousers options for men to wear to work. You can pick and choose between various fabrics and feels, as well as cuttings and lengths to flatter your individual shape. Check out these trousers options that will take you from the office, well into after-work drinks:

1. Wool trousers

Granted that they are a little too warm for the Singapore weather, wool trousers are nonetheless perfect both for styling with other tailored separates or smartening a casual getup. Wool trousers have been a mainstay amongst industry insiders for years -- and their popularity isn’t showing any signs of waning.

While you’ll often see them dressed down with a pair of sneakers by arbiters of cool hanging outside loft offices leisurely puffing on roll-ups, they work just as well-styled in a more traditional way. For inspiration, check out Pitti Uomo where they’re often grounded with a pair of brogues, Derbies or double monks.

2. Twill Chinos

A good piece of workwear puts in a shift if you want to assert your old-school masculine credentials. Cut from heavyweight cotton, woven to create a surface comprising diagonal parallel ridges, twill is a traditional material that, if invested in, will give excellent cost-per-wear calculations thanks to its hardy nature.

Plus, every scuff on a pair of twill chinos tells a story. In twill, the beleaguered chino also breaks out of the realm of ‘Ibiza lads on tour’ into an altogether more grown-up sense of place and tradition. The style is still, strictly speaking, a casual trouser so wear them with an easy-going pair of shoes, a t-shirt or piece of knitwear and top with an overshirt or denim jacket for an effortlessly cool off-duty look.

3. Linen Trousers

Perhaps popularised by European tourists on a beach vacation, linen trousers are as comfortable and smart-casual as they come. Gone are the shapeless cuts, replaced by tapered, modern leg-lines that flatter every body shape. And linen blends make them a lot more practical, less prone to impossible creases -- while still being as breezy as ever. Try them as part of a linen suit for a dapper old-timer vibe, but the more modern way to wear them is cropped, with sneakers and a plain t-shirt.

4. Drawstring Trouser