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Finest Craftmanship

Women Tailor Suit in Singapore

Meiko Tailor, a tailoring house where sartorial excellence meets timeless elegance and where classic tailoring techniques, revered for their precision and craftsmanship, are infused with modern sensibilities.

Staying true to the hand-crafted roots of traditional bespoke tailoring, the atelier’s house cut of full-canvas bespoke suits marks the standard of their craftsmanship, and where every commissioned suit is made bespoke in-house at their own production workshop.  Every single process of the suit construction,, from the initial cut to the final fitting, is personally monitored by Master Tailor Chung, who assumed the position of President of Singapore Master Tailor Association (2014 – 2016).

While adhering to the art of traditional tailoring, they also seek to challenge themselves to be forward looking, blending traditional techniques with a modern approach to creating well-cut custom suits. With a keen eye on what is modern, current and relevant to the varied and international base clientele, their bespoke cut suit still holds its position as the core services. Every custom made suit is a canvas for self-expression, tailored to one’s unique style and preferences. No two bespoke suits are the same. Every garment is tailored individually capturing every body nuances from the posture, shoulder to body proportion for maximum comfort and perfect fit.

High Quality Fabric for Suit

Best Women’s Tailored Suit in Singapore

Welcome to our exquisite world of bespoke elegance, where Meiko Tailor takes pride in crafting the best women’s tailored suits in Singapore. Our dedication to sartorial excellence, attention to detail, and commitment to individual style sets us apart as the premier destination for discerning women seeking a perfectly tailored ensemble. Our suits are available in different cuts and styles, tailored to flatter every body type and reflect your unique style.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship in Women Tailor Suit

At Meiko Tailor, we believe in the artistry of tailoring. Our team of skilled tailors brings years of experience and a keen eye for precision to every stitch. Each women’s tailored suit is carefully crafted, ensuring a flawless fit that complements your unique silhouette and exudes confidence.

Bespoke Tailor Service with Personalized Design Consultations

Your journey with Meiko Tailor begins with a personalized design consultation. Our expert tailors take the time to understand your style preferences, body shape, and the occasion for which the suit is intended. From lapel styles to button placements, every detail is considered to ensure a tailored suit that reflects your individuality.

Endless Customization Options for Your Tailored Suits

Express your style with our extensive range of customization options. From selecting the perfect fabric to choosing lapel styles, buttons, and pocket details, your tailored suit is a true reflection of your taste and personality. We believe in empowering women to embrace their unique style through personalized tailoring.

Women Tailored Suit with Timeless Elegance for Every Occasion

Whether you need a sophisticated business suit, an elegant ensemble for a special event, or a wardrobe staple for everyday wear, Meiko Tailor is committed to delivering timeless elegance for every occasion. Our women’s tailored suits seamlessly blend contemporary trends with classic sophistication, ensuring you stand out with grace and confidence.

Our Fabric For Women’s Tailored Suit

Indulge in a wide range of options as our extensive collection showcases imported fabrics sourced from prestigious mills such as Carnet, Cerrutti, Loro Piana, Solbiati, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino in Italy, Holland & Sherry, Savile Row in London, Harrisons of Edinburgh, Standeven in England, and various mills across Europe. We have garnered recognition from these esteemed fabric mills as a trusted name in Singapore for crafting suits and shirts using their exceptional textiles.

Explore a variety of materials, including wool, worsteds, cashmere, and 100% Egyptian or Swiss Cotton for shirts, available in a diverse range of colors, textures, and weights. Our curated selection ensures premium quality, making these fabrics suitable for year-round wear in any climate.

Our Custom Tailor Services For You

Why Do You Need A Women’s Tailor Suit?

Investing in a women’s tailor-made suit is a choice that seamlessly blends style and functionality. The number one advantage lies in the perfect fit, as these suits are carefully crafted to your precise measurements, ensuring both comfort and a polished appearance. Beyond the professional image they project, tailor-made suits empower women by challenging traditional norms and allowing for individual expression. The customization options, ranging from fabric to design details, guarantee a suit that aligns perfectly with personal style and preferences. Versatile and suitable for various occasions, these suits are a timeless wardrobe staple, reflecting quality craftsmanship and a long-term investment. Moreover, the confidence boost derived from wearing a perfectly tailored suit is undeniable, influencing both demeanor and self-assurance. In essence, a women’s tailor-made suit is more than just clothing; it is a statement of empowerment and a versatile wardrobe essential.

Advantages of Women's Tailor Suit

Perfect Fit

Tailor-made suits are crafted with precise measurements, ensuring a flawless and personalized fit that enhances comfort and appearance.

Professional Image

These suits project a professional and sophisticated image, making a strong and confident statement in the workplace or formal settings.

Customization Options

With tailor-made suits, women have the flexibility to choose fabrics, colors, and design details, allowing for a personalized and unique wardrobe piece.


Tailored suits are versatile, seamlessly transitioning from business meetings to formal events, and adapting to various dress codes with ease.


Quality Craftsmanship

Synonymous with quality craftsmanship, tailor-made suits are carefully constructed with careful attention to detail, ensuring durability and longevity.

Long-Term Investment

While initial costs may be higher, tailor-made suits prove to be a long-term investment due to their durability and timeless design.

How Does It Work?

Our Women Tailor Suit Service


Our process starts with a consultation, dedicating time to comprehend your style, preferences, and specific needs for women's tailored suits. Whether you seek a formal dress shirt, a casual button-down, or something in between, our team is poised to assist, guiding you through options to facilitate well-informed choices.

Measurement Session

Perfect and accurate measurement takes center stage in crafting the best women's tailored suit. Our adept tailors conduct detailed measurements to ensure a flawless fit that enhances your body shape, providing both comfort and style.

Design Customization

This stage is where the creative transformation unfolds. Collaborate closely with our design experts to customize every aspect of your shirt, from collar and cuffs to buttons and pockets. Choose stitching styles, incorporate personalized monograms, and explore a spectrum of options to make your shirt truly distinctive.

Fabric Selection

Choose from a carefully curated array of high-quality fabrics, each handpicked for its comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Engage with the textures, examine the patterns, and select the material that best complements your taste and the intended purpose of the shirt.

Fitting Session

In our commitment to your satisfaction, we offer a fitting session where you can try on a sample of your custom shirt. This step allows us to make any necessary adjustments, ensuring the perfect fit before the final product is carefully crafted.

Finalize & Receive

Once you are entirely content with your sample, we seamlessly proceed to fulfill the remaining portion of your order. Whether it's for collection or dispatch, we prepare your order, ensuring it is poised for your ultimate enjoyment.

Our Reviews

japgamer 1997japgamer 1997
03:19 18 Nov 23
Excellent service and perfect fitting. A little pricey but the quality of material and workmanship makes up for it
Aravinda RaoAravinda Rao
12:47 24 Sep 23
I have all of my suits tailored here and here only. My family has been employing the services of this atelier for over 30 years. If you want the best suits and service in Singapore you need not look any further, the master here will have you looking for dapper any time of the day.
thomas lucicthomas lucic
03:54 11 Aug 23
Many thanks to Master Chung and Adele for their amazing tailoring. They made me a wonderful suit, sports coat and several pairs of trousers; an establishment fit for Cary Grant or Sean Connery. A wealth of experience.-Thomas
Bryan GohBryan Goh
09:00 14 Jun 23
I’ve used many tailors in Singapore and a couple in London. In Singapore my go to tailor was an old chap working for Justmens in Tanglin. He’s retired and they’ve closed the shop. That particular gent used to make ceremonial military uniforms for the airmen at Seletar airbase. Since then I’d not found an equal in Singapore. Until now.Mr Chung is an excellent tailor. I’ve had 3 shirts, a sports jacket and a 2 piece suit made up and they are well made, perfectly cut and fit me well. As with all highly personalised services communication is very important and if you take the time to engage with Mr Chung, the result is a suit which fits perfectly and is sturdily constructed to last for years. Don’t expect to see Teba jackets or shackets. Chung does the Savile Row style impeccably. I’ve not asked him to do the lighter Neapolitan style. That will be my next project.If you’re looking for a well fitting high quality suit, Chung is the man for you.
Wen Jie AngWen Jie Ang
10:08 29 Mar 23
I have been totally blown away with the service from Meiko Tailor. I have tried so many tailors in SG and had been disappointed all the time. Meiko Tailor is going to be my only tailor moving forward.My suits were made to perfection and they sure make the whole process easy and their materials have been very high quality.I am thoroughly impressed with Meiko Tailor and will definitely continue to use them in future!
Alfred CohenAlfred Cohen
21:18 27 Mar 23
I had 3 pairs of trousers tailored, Mr. Chung and Adele provided excellent service. In 4 days, they helped me select material and provided 2 fittings. After the work was completed, they shipped my nicely packaged trousers internationally as promised. The quality of the fabric, workmanship and the fit were excellent. Adel helped me select an Italian fabric as I requested, and the quality of the final product exceeded my expectation. I have been a customer for 25 years and Meiko Tailor is on my shopping list when I am in Singapore.
James YaputraJames Yaputra
13:43 18 Feb 23
Had several shirts and trousers tailored for myself here. Before deciding to commission them, I had a session with Adele to consult on what she thinks would suit my skin tone, build and lifestyle, which was very pleasant and insightful. The range of quality fabrics is both amazing and overwhelming, but Adele’s recommendation really helped me to nail down my choices. Really love how my commissions turned out, the fit and quality of the tailoring are impeccable. Especially love the collars of the shirts; they give the shirts a distinctive look and presence when worn. I could not recommend Meiko tailor enough if you’re looking for a wardrobe overhaul or just new pieces of clothing for more formal occasions.
Yuan chiYuan chi
04:53 01 Aug 21
Meiko tailor is one of the finest tailor in town. I wanted to commission a new suit for a special event and was worried that I may not have enough time. I spoke with Uncle Chung and Adele to let them know what I wanted and they immediately began work on measuring me during the first meeting. Within a week, my first fitting was scheduled and the whole suit was done within 3 weeks. Uncle Chung knew exactly what I wanted for the suit, made all the finishing which I desired and made a suit which I am very excited to wear. They were really nice and discussed with me about every aspect from the peaked lapels of my suit to the side adjustors on my pants. It was a pleasurable and memorable experience and I'm very glad to have commissioned a suit with them!
James TanJames Tan
12:42 24 Jun 21
Tailored a set of suit and pants at Meiko for a friend’s wedding. Uncle Chung listens and gives you great suggestions, it showed me that he is proud of the quality and attention to detail he puts into his work. Definitely recommending anyone looking for a tailor to look for Meiko.

Why Choose Us?

women why choose us


Choose Meiko Tailor for a Bespoke Tailoring Experience rooted in over 60 years of expertise. Our unique house style in suits crafting, trousers cutting, and shirt making reflects decades of mastery. We take pride in employing the full-canvassed method for suit construction, showcasing the dedication of our craftsmen trained by the esteemed Master Tailor Chung. Beyond a perfect fit, we emphasize meticulous attention to details—from the cut to the fitting, and design style selection to the choice of fabrics and buttons. Our commitment extends to a personalized experience where our resident personal styling advisor, certified by the Academy of ImageWorks (AIM), provides expert advice on styling and color profiles, ensuring you look your best. For added convenience, we offer overseas mail orders and a mobile tailoring service within the CBD area for busy executives and business travelers. Experience the fusion of tradition, expertise, and personalized service with Meiko Tailor.

Elevate your style with tailored perfection! Choose us for a wardrobe that reflects your uniqueness. Experience the difference in comfort, fit, and quality. Schedule a fitting today and let us tailor your style journey. Your perfect look awaits – seize it now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Women Tailor Suits in Singapore

Absolutely Yes, women can get tailored suits. Tailoring services cater to both genders, offering customized fits and designs based on individual measurements and preferences. Women’s tailored suits consider specific adjustments to enhance the feminine silhouette.

A well-fitted women’s suit should have a jacket with smooth shoulders, properly ending sleeves, and comfortable buttoning. Trousers or skirts should sit at the natural waist, with hems at appropriate lengths. The overall silhouette should be tailored for comfort and ease of movement, with high-quality fabrics and attention to details like buttons. Our professional tailoring can address these specific fit issues, ensuring a polished appearance aligned with personal style preferences.

A female suit, often called a pantsuit or simply a suit, is tailored to fit the female silhouette. It typically consists of a jacket and matching trousers or a skirt. The design takes into account the curves and proportions of a woman’s body, with variations in jacket cuts, waistlines, and pant or skirt lengths. Additionally, female suits often offer a broader range of color and fabric options, providing more versatility in styling for various occasions.

Similar to men’s suits, women’s suits can be styled in a more casual manner. For example, pairing a blazer with skinny jeans and a casual top is a timeless example. Another option is to layer the blazer over a fitted dress. Additionally, one can opt for a more relaxed look by wearing sneakers with the ensemble or combining suit pants with a casual top.

A female suit is commonly referred to as a “pantsuit” or simply a “suit.” It typically consists of a tailored jacket and matching trousers or a skirt.

A black suit is a versatile and classic choice that suits various occasions. Neutral colors like navy, charcoal gray, or taupe are also considered essential wardrobe staples, offering flexibility for different events and personal styles.

Black consistently imparts a slim and elegant appearance. Similarly, deeper hues such as blue, purple, and brown can camouflage imperfections and foster a slimming effect. Conversely, lighter shades like white and khaki may contribute to a heavier appearance and create the illusion of a larger physique.