Your Guide to Men’s Suit Jacket Lining

Your Guide to Men’s Suit Jacket Lining
Your Guide to Men’s Suit Jacket Lining
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Suits look terrific on men. A tailored suit does something to bring out the finest in a man: confidence, debonair and class.

An expertly designed and tailored suit will command immediate notice. Numerous eyes are drawn to the fabric’s colour and weight, the cut, the buttons, the lapels, and the pockets. They are usually the only and first components of the costume that are visible.

The internal jacket lining, however, is another aspect of the men’s suit jacket that does not get as much attention. Both structurally and aesthetically, the lining is a crucial component of the jacket. In this article, we will touch on the complete guide to men’s suit jacket lining and its importance.

Suit Jacket Lining

The Purpose Of The Suit Jacket Lining

Your suit’s weight and structure are enhanced by the lining in the jacket. A completely lined suit jacket is bulkier looking, heavier, and warmer. The overall result is that the suit jacket also fits the body’s curves perfectly.

A lined suit jacket won’t crumple or catch on your dress shirt as easily as an unlined or partially lined one. The lining acts as an additional layer between your body’s outer shell and the extra cloth. Since the lining will help preserve body heat closer to the skin, lined suit jackets are perfect for colder weather.

Suit Jacket Lining Material

Suit Jacket Lining Material

There are two main categories of suit jacket-lining materials: natural and artificial. The former is frequently available from upscale bespoke tailors and is primarily made of silk. The latter is often what is found in ready-made suits.

Possible artificial materials are:

  • Bemberg Silk
  • Rayon
  • Polyester
  • Acetate

Each material possesses both some undesirable characteristics and some good ones. For instance, although silk linings are more expensive than synthetic linings, they may be the most comfortable to wear. Bemberg silk is a premium synthetic fabric that costs more than other synthetics but less than natural silk.

Although acetate is crisp as a fabric, it is not durable. Rayon is traditionally more durable than acetate, but not quite as durable as polyester. Last but not least, polyester linings are durable yet are less breathable and often uncomfortable to wear.

Every material has advantages, but off-the-rack suit manufacturers typically opt for the less expensive synthetic materials since they are less costly for them. With bespoke services, you are in charge and have the option to have opulent silks or synthetic linings fitted in as you see fit.

Personalising Your Suit Jacket Lining With Colour/Patterns

Suit Jacket With Beautiful Lining

In ready-made suits, the linings are already sewn into and the interior of the suit jacket is what it is no matter what kind of suit you purchase. Personalisation options are very limited. As a result, you might visit a big-box retailer and admire a great suit’s appearance from afar only to be let down by the internal lining selection made by the manufacturer.

When purchasing a suit, you should give bespoke tailoring serious consideration. The budget and bespoke services can both be accommodated to suit your personal preference. Besides, custom suits are a terrific way to improve your appearance and provide you with the option to select from a wide range of linings.

Most of the time, people won’t see the inside of your suit jacket, but if you want to make your suit genuinely distinctive, choosing a lining is just as crucial as picking the fabric for the outside.

Matching The Lining To The Exterior Suit Fabric

Your suit will look more versatile if the inside lining of your suit matches the outside fabric. It won’t look complementary to put on a black suit with a bright red lining, a grey dress shirt, and a purple tie. It would be clashy and distracting on the overall look if the lining is bright red.

If you want to make your suit stand out, go for eye-catching colours:

  • Dark grey suit with a purple lining looks elegant
  • Light grey suit and blue lining looks perfect for springtime
  • A navy blue suit with a red lining looks bold and powerful

Inspecting The Quality Of A Suit Jacket Lining

Inside of blue jacket suit

If you’re buying a ready-made suit, always check the inner of the jacket before buying it \to ensure that the quality is equal to that of the exterior fabric.

Keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Ensure that the lining is flat. There is a likelihood that the suit jacket lining has bulges because the fabric wasn’t laid out properly if the lining was hastily stitched.
  2. Check the stitching. Ensure that the lining is evenly stitched.
  3. Make sure the lining moves with your body and the jacket. You may be shocked to find that the lining occasionally catches on your body and moves more slowly than the shell. Although no one can truly see it happen, you will feel it, and a snagged lining is not pleasant.
  4. Look for any rips or holes. The suit jacket’s lining will be compromised by a little tear brought on by keys in the pocket or other negligence. It only takes a little while for the lining to break apart after it is damaged, perhaps costing you a suit jacket or a trip to the tailor for a replacement lining that might cost $200 or more including work.


Your suit jacket’s lining is an essential component of the garment. Half-lined or unlined suit jackets lack the weight and body that a fully lined jacket has. A properly lined jacket looks excellent on a man – separating him from the boys.

Having the colour or pattern of your choice on the suit jacket lining is a fun and distinctive way to make your suit stand out, even though many people might not notice it. The next time you’re in the market for a new suit, seriously consider getting your suit custom-made by a bespoke tailor. This will give you complete control over every aspect and your custom suit will be uniquely yours both inside and out.

Want to know more about bespoke suits and their lining options? Get in touch with us for a consultation session.

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