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Crazy Dapper Asians

Updated: Apr 22, 2021


#CrazyDapperAsians The whole world is talking about #CrazyRichAsians - the sensational romance comedy drama that topped Hollywood’s box office. More than the glitz, glamour and being Asian proud, it's also the crazy cast's wardrobe that catches viewers’ attention. The cast’s wardrobe was also on-point for all the scenes and occasions filmed. For the sharp eye, you would be able to spot the fine details, the cut, style, colours, and fabric choices.

Do you have to be rich to be well-dressed? No, you don't. It's all about getting the right fit for your body type that resonates best to your style. Let’s look at the three male characters and their accoutre.

Constance Wu as Rachel Chu and Henry Golding as Nicholas Young in a scene from Crazy Rich Asians Photo Credit: Sanja Bucko, WARNER BROS

Nick Young – The Gentleman’s Man

Nick Young, the lead actor in Crazy Rich Asians, in his late twenty-something always looked dapper in his scenes and occasions: whether it's a casual drink session at a bar, or at a black-tie event, Nick's effortless style flows in every set. The thing is, one need not fork out a moon to get appropriately garbed for events. A good bespoke tailor is all you need to understand your body type, style preference and the get-up you require. Nick is obviously dashing and has a lean and tall built. His sartorial savviness begins with his understanding of the type of suits, blazers and pants that match his body type. He can take a casual two-button blazer for a tea-time affair then transform it with chic pants for an all-night-out repast at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Nick's style sense is all about shape, colour, texture while keeping it fluid to match the occasion, party, or ball. Nick also understands that a tie or bow-tie is not necessary for formal occasions. For example: meeting investors at the Raffles Hotel, one could be cladded in a two-button navy blazer over a crisp white shirt, and informal dark blue jeans. That’s swagger and refinement without appearing too polished. This cool, young man’s well-appointed wardrobe pieces are adaptable for many situations. It’s about investing in basic pieces such as crisp white shirts, tailored blazers, non-pleated business trousers in wool or cotton, tailored vests, and other casual apparel such as dark blue jeans, or chic chinos. Nick clearly has a great sense of style, substance and debonair.

Bernard Tai (Jimmy O. Yang) and Edison Cheng (Ronny Chieng) in Crazy Rich Asians Photo Courtesy of WARNER BROS

Edison Cheng – Loud, Proud & About

He’s the young Asian billionaire Ronny Chieng who is rich, loud and crass but can’t be seen outside inappropriately clothed. He has Cambridge Judge Business School under his academic credo and is a star in the Hong Kong’s private banking industry. He splurges on Savile Row suits and constantly strives to look perfect. He's a man who loves to take pride in his appearance; often he walks in front with his family falling behind him in formation. Eddie craves for attention and paparazzi, so one can only imagine the vain pot he truly is. So, what do we glean from him? His sartorial sense, no less. We don’t need to subscribe to the character traits, but we can certainly lap up some tips from his wardrobe choices. In every scene he’s in, he’s garbed in suits that are customised to fit his body shape. He looks polished and refined and can arrive at a meeting looking to slay business deals. There’s an air about him when he enters a scene – he commands presence with his confidence. Of course, his clothes support his character and you get a sense of how “arrived” he is in life. This is a gentleman who know his wardrobe style and can’t be seen in no less than a crisp white shirt paired with Versace jeans for a casual look. For the boardroom, he’s decked up in tailored white shirt, three-button jacket made from Italian fabric with matching trousers and shoes from Berluti. For golf, his custom tartan pants are the highlight which matches a Ralph Lauren polo shirt. When it comes to a night out at a charity ball, he’s decked up in a tailored full black tuxedo suit with black bow tie – a look that will break a few ladies’ hearts.

Credit: Sanja Bucks, © 2018 WARNER BROS
Michael Teo (Pierre Png) and Astrid Leong-Teo (Gemma Chan) in Crazy Rich Asians Photo Credit: Sanja Bucks, WARNER BROS

Michael Teo – Dashing Adonis

With his sculpted god-like body and proportions, Michael Teo is a lady’s man. His swagger, his smile and his scintillating looks are enhanced by his impeccable taste for clothes. While he has no social standing in the movie – for the fact that his company is on the rocks and his in-laws take him for granted – Michael can charm almost anything out of trees. There is never a moment, he is caught without stylish clothes. This is a man who never scrimps on tailoring and always insists on custom-made apparel. He keeps fit to stay in shape, and he knows how to impress a crowd or wow his investors. Here’s a man who can flit from casual chic (crisp tailored shirt with rolled-up sleeves, Uniqlo jeans and Adidas NMD sneakers) to entrepreneur boss look (tailored two-button blazer, handkerchief in pocket, button-downed crisp white shirt, matching tailored trousers, and Tod’s loafers). He’s suave, he has swagger and there’s no stopping him from making ladies go weak in the knees.

Whatever characters you adore for their sartorial sense, it’s clear that donning on a tailored suit speaks much of a man’s attitude towards grooming and dressing appropriately. The choice is deciding to go to a trusted tailor or be more selective about off-the-rack clothes. You don’t have to be crazy rich to be dapper.

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