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How To Care For Tailored Suits

So you now own a brand-new tailored suit, or you may want to save it for a special occasion. How can you maintain your tailored suit's impeccable appearance for a longer period of time?

In this article, we will share with you a thorough checklist and step-by-step instruction manual for caring for your tailored suit. Here, we'll review the best ways to clean and store your suit to look amazing for that special occasion.

1. Hang Your Tailored Suit Correctly

Typically, a lengthy wooden hanger is what you should use to hang your tailored suit. This protects the shoulder pads by ensuring they are resting on a stable surface and preventing divots from forming. Using a wooden hanger can also prevent the suit from smelling by absorbing moisture. In addition, you must also remember to empty the pockets on your tailor-made jacket and pants to prevent creases in such places on the garment.

Ensure that both the pant legs are straight and that the front and rear creases are sharp while hanging your tailor-made pants. The pants should be folded in half and slid through the hanger to hang from the centre of the pants. Ensure that the pants hang properly to avoid wrinkles around the pant leg.

The jacket of your tailored suit should be hung using the same methods. Make sure your suit's front and back are both smooth and that the top of the shoulders is entirely hung up on the hanger. Leave some room in your closet between your tailored suit and the rest of your clothing. This will prevent your other clothing from rubbing against your suit, wrinkling it, and transferring any odours onto the suit.

2. Brush Your Tailored Suit Regularly

A crucial part of maintaining your tailored suit is brushing it regularly to prevent dust or moisture buildup. You should brush your suit every time you wear it. You can choose to use a brush made of synthetic or animal hair, but the bristles should be gentle. Try to use a brush made specifically for cleaning your tailor-made suit. To brush your tailored suit, keep the jacket unbuttoned, hang your suit on a coat hanger, and brush it gently. Softly brush in downward strokes. Start with the lapels and work your way up to the neck, making sure to brush under the collar as you go. Next, move to the suit's seams, brushing both sides down from the seam.

Hold one sleeve by the cuff until it is taut when brushing the sleeves on your tailored suit. Always begin at the shoulder seam and brush downward. Proceed to the other sleeve after that. A lint roller can also be used to remove extra lint from your tailored suit. Follow the same brushing directions above as though you were brushing the suit with a lint roller.

3. Never Take Your Tailored Suit To The Dry Cleaner's

If you have already aired your tailored suit for a day and it still has an odd smell attached to it, the best solution to get rid of the smell is to get it cleaned at a dry cleaner’s.

However, be aware that dry cleaners use chemicals to clean fabrics, and these chemicals can also harm the fabric of a tailored suit. The suit's lifespan decreases with each trip to the dry cleaners. By avoiding the dry cleaner in this seemingly counterintuitive approach, you take better care of your suit and give it a longer mileage.

4. Do Not Leave Wrinkles Unattended

You can quickly remove wrinkles from your tailor-made suit by hand steaming it. Whatever the case, please don't iron your suits. An iron's high heat makes it easy to destroy your expensive suit. Steam is gentler and is more effective at removing creases; therefore, it is a better method of caring for your tailored suit. To steam your custom suit delicately, you'll need a hand-held fabric steamer. Holding both legs by the cuffs, start with the pants, and use the fabric steamer as you would if you were brushing a suit. After finishing the inside of the pants, release one of the pant legs and finish the exterior of the pants. After that, turn the pants over and begin steaming on the other side.

Be careful not to over-press the fabric steamer onto one spot on your tailored suit. We advise steaming the suit's rear after moving across the front and to the left sleeve from the right.


A tailored suit is a great investment and can become an heirloom piece with good maintenance. Your suit serves as your armour, displaying your professionalism and your values whenever you wear it.

At Meiko Tailor, we take great pride in creating a masterpiece out of our tailor-made suits, understanding that the suit makes the man. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and to set up an appointment.

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